Floral Styling | Creating a table centrepiece

Despite being a florist and having a wide array of flowers at my fingertips, when it comes to having flowers in the home my personal taste often tends to lean towards a vase containing one singular flower type, en masse. Imagine a heap of drooping tulips, bushy branches of spring lilac, or even just a bunch of dried roadside grasses. You can create instant impact, with minimal effort. Maybe it’s the old ‘shoemakers son always goes barefoot’ situation.

But for very special meals, or just to celebrate spring after months of grey, sometimes you need to pull out all the stops. Creating a mixed flower arrangement for a table centre means understanding some basic mechanics, working with multiple textures, and creating a more nuanced colour palette. By knowing a few technical tips, and choosing your flower materials slightly more deliberately I think creating a mixed flower arrangement is actually pretty achievable, even for a beginner.

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Wellness | 10 tips for a mindful home

As part of my slow living journey, I’ve been thinking of ways to make my new home more mindful. We’ve already made a huge lifestyle change by uprooting our life in the city and moving out to the countryside, but any home can be mindful, regardless of its location, style or size. Some decisions I have made for our new home have been pretty drastic – knocking down a wall to allow natural light to flood into our kitchen – but others have been as simple and replicable as removing unnecessary clutter.

Here, I have outlined ten tips that anyone can follow to help to avoid stress and anxiety and create a more Zen home, where you feel relaxed and inspired.

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Recipe | Roast chicken salad with green goddess dressing

Ah summer.  The salad days are here. Eating fresh salad in all it’s varieties and forms is the perfect way to spend a lunch time. Hopefully in the garden, but even if it’s sat at your desk, it still feels like it’s nourishing your body and soul.

Sisterhood cook and food writer Claire Thomson has done it again with this delicious seasonal recipe.  Packed full of Jersey Royal new potatoes, a fresh roasted chicken and a green dressing that is going to blow your mind.

Note:  for vegetarians and vegans, please opt out the chicken and handmade dressing.

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Wellness | Why we bring the outside in

Bringing plants and flowers into your home seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment. Interior magazines and blogs are awash with tips for caring for your house plants, flower delivery services are quite literally flourishing and it’s suddenly become cool to visit your local garden centre. But for those of us that love bringing the outside into our homes, this is more than a trend. This is a way of life, and we’ll continue to welcome greenery into our lives even when the trend has ebbed.

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Sister's Hoods | Folkestone with Clementine May

I moved to the seaside town of Folkestone about four years ago, ever since I have fallen in love with this little corner of the East Kent coastline. Folkestone is a small coastal town with the English channel to one side and the North Downs to the other. It is currently going through a phase of regeneration; becoming a hub for Artists, mostly due to the local philanthropist Roger de Haan who initiated the Folkestone Triennial and the regeneration of the Creative Quarter in 2008.

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Career | Follow your dreams

Three years ago, I had just left a miserable job with an epic commute for a new role that turned out to be even worse. By the summer, I had been made redundant and was wondering what the hell to do with my life. I’d worked in the fashion industry since I left university, in roles that were once upon a time my dream jobs. On a daily basis, I had been told that ‘hundreds of girls are queuing up to do your job for free’, as I crept off to sob in the toilets. I witnessed a thriving independent company being poached by a greedy businessman, yet also learned the perils of working for a small brand with no HR department. I was over fashion, I never wanted to work in the industry again, but what was my next move?

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Career | How To Feel Good About Marketing Yourself

Most of us as creative women hate the idea of marketing and selling ourselves. There are all sorts of factors at play here: lack of confidence, not wanting to take up space, the general grossness that we feel around selling and marketing. It’s that last one that I really want to dig into, because it really flows through everything else. We have this idea of what marketing and selling “should” be because we see the “successful” people touting their six figure launches and lead nurture funnels and it doesn’t feel like us – cue a total break down of confidence and a lack of belief that you have what it takes to run a business.

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Beauty | Vitamin C

Long hard winters can ravage skin complexions. Central heating, cold winds and lack of sunlight can make our skin look dull and grey.  But what can we do to help combat these?  And give skin a glowing boost.

Vitamin C is one of the most important steps in my own skincare regime. This powerful antioxidant fights against pigmentation (dark sun spots), free radicals and can reduce acne scarring and melasma. Just a few drops daily before moisturising, this truly heroic ingredient works wonders. We should all be using it.  Here are 3 I’ve used and love…

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Recipe | Asparagus, Egg, Dill & Caper Toasts

Asparagus is one of the most sought after seasonal crops.  There is nothing like local asparagus, freshly cut and cooked simply.  The true taste of Spring.

Sisterhood cook, Claire Thomson, has bought out the delicious delicate flavours of this wonderful vegetable with her Asparagus, egg, dill and caper toast recipe.  Perfect as a starter for a spring feast or simply a lunch for one to sit in the garden and marvel at your blooms.

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Interview | Moons & Junes

Moons and Junes is a Copenhagen-based lingerie brand devoted to providing an everyday luxury to women. They celebrate uniqueness through a devotion to help women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Lingerie that aren’t just designed to look good; they’ are made for your body and your needs.

Comfort, quality and real women as models, we needed to find out more.  Lou chatted with founder of Moons and Junes, Agnete Bjerre-Madsen. And asked about the beginnings of the brand and the women featured in the campaigns.

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