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Sisterhood was featured in The Guardian for 10 of the best women only trips:

Demand for women-only breaks is growing. These activity trips include yoga, surfing, boot camps, and dog-sledding, from Kent to Kilimanjaro
Sisterhood runs creative retreats, workshops and suppers for women. The retreats, held at a forest camp on the outskirts of Cardigan, are designed to be relaxing breaks where participants can learn new skills, reconnect with nature and eat delicious food. This month’s winter retreat is sold out but places are available on the summer retreat in June, which involves morning yoga, golden-hour photography (just after sunrise/just before sunset), foraging, fire pits, workshops and discussions. All meals are included and the glamping accommodation offers a choice of domes, cabins and lofts.

Read the full article here:

10 of the best women only activity holidays

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