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Sisterhood was featured in The Stylist Magazine on a feature on the rise of self-branding workshops.

Stylist explores the sell-out courses teaching women how to make money from Instagram

Making a cuppa used to be a pretty straightforward affair. Switch on kettle, put Tetley’s tea bag in mug. But thanks to the weird and wonderful world of Instagram, where each post offers another opportunity to present a slice of your personal brand, even this mundane task has become rife with rules and symbolism.

You could, for example, spend a week in a farmhouse on the Welsh coast with Bristol-based Lou Archell (writer, creative consultant and founder of where alongside yoga and golden-hour photography you’ll learn the tricks of visual storytelling. Or identify your online aesthetic on a sunny break in Majorca with The Brand Stylist ( From a wellbeing-focused branding weekend in Canada care of Nurture: A Retreat ( to a five-day food styling and photography workshop at a seven-star Indian resort with, the opportunities to refine your online style are ever growing.

One of the most successful is run by 33-year-old Tennessean Beth Kirby, founder of Her retreats, which she runs with her husband, range from £585 for a one-day photography and food styling workshop in Paris to £5,500 for an immersive escape to Japan.

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Stylist the rise of self-branding workshops for women

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