Sister's Hoods | North London with Ariana Ruth

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When I was first asked to contribute to Sister’s Hoods I wasn’t quite sure what to call the area surrounding me. I live in the middle of quite a few neighbourhoods, on the cusp of Upper Holloway and Islington in North London. It’s an area that unless you’re a local or have friends living there you may not ever visit. I’m not sure I’d want it any other way though, it keeps things local and that’s the way we like it, no?

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You’ll notice that most of my suggestions are food based, there are some great local restaurants and shops in my hood and I always love to sing their praises when I have the chance.

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One of my favourite cafes in London just happens to be my local. The coffee is some of the best in town and they have great selection of fresh food and juices. The Spoke is a pub-turned-cafe just below Archway station. On the weekends you’ll be hard pressed to find a seat but during the week it’s much calmer with customers trickling in and out all day. It’s a great place to work from, which I take advantage of often! 

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Originally from the states, we don’t have anything close to the pub culture that is prevalent here in the UK. From the endless choices of local fare and drink, to the dogs sleeping by their owners feet, to the delightful gastropub menu that changes weekly, The Landseer ticks all the boxes. This is a pub for family gatherings and conversation and one I cannot recommend enough. It’s off the high street so it actually took me over a year to find, it was only after another local raved about it that I went to investigate. With high ceilings and a beautiful skylit room in the back, it’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday afternoon in.

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A newer discovery for me is Crisis, a charity shop that is working to end homelessness. Unlike other charity shops, this one is working directly with the homeless, getting them off the streets and helping them get their life back on track. The people there are lovely and it’s definitely a place that you feel good spending your money in. 


Many of you may have heard of la fromagerie before. My first introduction was to the beautiful cafe / cheese shop they have in Marylebone. It wasn’t until later that I found out there was another location just down the road from me in Highbury. A small cafe and green grocers, it’s the perfect place to sit and read with a cup of coffee. One of my favourite luxuries comes from this shop, a beautifully rich balsamic vinegar that elevates anything you put it on. 

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Last but certainly not least is Trullo, an Italian restaurant just off of Highbury Corner. This is worth the travel and is the perfect place to go when celebrating something special. Their food is heavenly and they always have an interesting wine selection to go with their ever changing menu. There isn’t one thing that I would recommend as I really do love everything I’ve had there, but their ragu is certainly not to be missed!


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