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Floral Styling | Creating a table centrepiece

Despite being a florist and having a wide array of flowers at my fingertips, when it comes to having flowers in the home my personal taste often tends to lean towards a vase containing one singular flower type, en masse. Imagine a heap of drooping tulips, bushy branches of spring lilac, or even just a bunch of dried roadside grasses. You can create instant impact, with minimal effort. Maybe it’s the old ‘shoemakers son always goes barefoot’ situation.

But for very special meals, or just to celebrate spring after months of grey, sometimes you need to pull out all the stops. Creating a mixed flower arrangement for a table centre means understanding some basic mechanics, working with multiple textures, and creating a more nuanced colour palette. By knowing a few technical tips, and choosing your flower materials slightly more deliberately I think creating a mixed flower arrangement is actually pretty achievable, even for a beginner.

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Recipe | Roast chicken salad with green goddess dressing

Ah summer.  The salad days are here. Eating fresh salad in all it’s varieties and forms is the perfect way to spend a lunch time. Hopefully in the garden, but even if it’s sat at your desk, it still feels like it’s nourishing your body and soul.

Sisterhood cook and food writer Claire Thomson has done it again with this delicious seasonal recipe.  Packed full of Jersey Royal new potatoes, a fresh roasted chicken and a green dressing that is going to blow your mind.

Note:  for vegetarians and vegans, please opt out the chicken and handmade dressing.

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Recipe | Asparagus, Egg, Dill & Caper Toasts

Asparagus is one of the most sought after seasonal crops.  There is nothing like local asparagus, freshly cut and cooked simply.  The true taste of Spring.

Sisterhood cook, Claire Thomson, has bought out the delicious delicate flavours of this wonderful vegetable with her Asparagus, egg, dill and caper toast recipe.  Perfect as a starter for a spring feast or simply a lunch for one to sit in the garden and marvel at your blooms.

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Interview | Worm London

Dried flowers are making a comeback which is wonderful because first of all it means that we are recycling flowers more and adding to the sustainability of the industry but also because it becomes inexpensive for people to make projects themselves with flowers that they have dried out. It also means no water or floral foam which is also making your carbon footprint a considered one. We also love the foraged section. We are really into foraging, we love seasonality and what the local environment has to offer. We like that you can have a little walk along a canal or in the countryside and pick up a few things that nature has scattered and make something at the end of the day that will remind you of that time in nature.

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