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Wellness | 10 tips for a mindful home

As part of my slow living journey, I’ve been thinking of ways to make my new home more mindful. We’ve already made a huge lifestyle change by uprooting our life in the city and moving out to the countryside, but any home can be mindful, regardless of its location, style or size. Some decisions I have made for our new home have been pretty drastic – knocking down a wall to allow natural light to flood into our kitchen – but others have been as simple and replicable as removing unnecessary clutter.

Here, I have outlined ten tips that anyone can follow to help to avoid stress and anxiety and create a more Zen home, where you feel relaxed and inspired.

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Wellness | Why we bring the outside in

Bringing plants and flowers into your home seems to be a bit of a trend at the moment. Interior magazines and blogs are awash with tips for caring for your house plants, flower delivery services are quite literally flourishing and it’s suddenly become cool to visit your local garden centre. But for those of us that love bringing the outside into our homes, this is more than a trend. This is a way of life, and we’ll continue to welcome greenery into our lives even when the trend has ebbed.

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Career | Follow your dreams

Three years ago, I had just left a miserable job with an epic commute for a new role that turned out to be even worse. By the summer, I had been made redundant and was wondering what the hell to do with my life. I’d worked in the fashion industry since I left university, in roles that were once upon a time my dream jobs. On a daily basis, I had been told that ‘hundreds of girls are queuing up to do your job for free’, as I crept off to sob in the toilets. I witnessed a thriving independent company being poached by a greedy businessman, yet also learned the perils of working for a small brand with no HR department. I was over fashion, I never wanted to work in the industry again, but what was my next move?

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