Sister's Hoods | North London with Ariana Ruth

When I was first asked to contribute to Sister’s Hoods I wasn’t quite sure what to call the area surrounding me. I live in the middle of quite a few neighbourhoods, on the cusp of Upper Holloway and Islington in North London. It’s an area that unless you’re a local or have friends living there you may not ever visit. I’m not sure I’d want it any other way though, it keeps things local and that’s the way we like it, no?

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Interview | Worm London

Dried flowers are making a comeback which is wonderful because first of all it means that we are recycling flowers more and adding to the sustainability of the industry but also because it becomes inexpensive for people to make projects themselves with flowers that they have dried out. It also means no water or floral foam which is also making your carbon footprint a considered one. We also love the foraged section. We are really into foraging, we love seasonality and what the local environment has to offer. We like that you can have a little walk along a canal or in the countryside and pick up a few things that nature has scattered and make something at the end of the day that will remind you of that time in nature.

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Wellness | The saltwater breakfast club

3… 2…. 1….

A last exchange of looks between us, a flash of nervous grins, and then we run in.   For a moment, nobody says anything except for a few involuntary whoops and gasps. But then the calmness comes over us, and we take a few long strokes out to where we can swim beyond the breaking waves.  We turn around to look back along the coastline and marvel at how different the landscape looks from here; like Alice through the looking glass.

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Interview | Maria Bell Photography

My work is probably best summed up as telling stories of people, place and plate; whether that’s a maker in their studio, a producer in the field or a night’s feasting. At the moment I’m living in Brixton, where I’ve been on and off for about five years and spend most of my time in Brockwell park, which I absolutely love but really I still like to tell myself that I live on the Isle of Wight (where I grew up). I try to split my time between the two as I go a bit mad if I’m without the countryside for too long and my family still lives down there so it’s lovely to go back regularly.

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Wellness | A seasonal approach to working

As much as we might try to deny it, we are part of nature. Just like the trees and the flowers, seasonal shifts affect us and we thrive if we live in tandem with these. This year I’m committing to taking living seasonally more seriously and starting to mindfully shape my work and life around the seasons. To help me do this I’m looking to the ancient practice of Ayurveda.

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