SISTERHOOD offers a unique opportunity to relax, nourish your creativity, become inspired and connect with yourself, others and with nature. 

Image by Xanthe Berkeley

Image by Xanthe Berkeley

We provide biannual retreats, small intimate workshops and suppers for women, with the main aim to embrace a slower, more gentler pace of life through creativity, connection, fireside chats and sisterly support.

Our retreats, workshops and suppers aim to bring a much needed antidote to the digital world, a chance to truly immerse yourself in SLOW living.  Switch off from your work, family life and busy lifestyle.  

This year we are expanding our experiences from the retreats to small intimate workshops and experiences across the UK and hopefully in to Europe.  Experiences which will see you crafting, exploring self care, eating delicious seasonal authentic food and connecting with like-minded women.  These workshops and retreats are designed to set you on a path of self discovery and equip you with ideas, contacts and inspiration to forge you ahead in your chosen career and life.

Each gathering is unique, we have sourced the very best team of teachers, makers, visual storytellers, photographers, writers, cooks and creatives - all sharing their skills and passions.  Our retreats and workshops are not about social media, blogging, or lectures as such, so please don't expect anything too corporate! Instead, you will find a creative and nurturing experience, which will touch on  elements of social creativity, be that Instagram, styling, photography and other social platforms.  As well as connecting with yourself, each other and your surroundings.

Sisterhood is in its essence a chance for you to loosely network with like-minded women, whilst relaxing, nourishing and looking after you.

You can find more details in our FAQ, view galleries of previous retreats & events under Past Events, and preview our coming adventures under Future Events. 

Sisterhood camp is undoubtedly one of my highlights of 2017. As an introvert I was apprehensive about going and knowing nobody. I shouldn’t have worried. It was like being with family. Sisterhood is a warm and supportive community of women brought together by a shared love of nature and creativity, I couldn’t have felt more at peace. I made true friends, found my tribe of people.
Those few days have changed my life, seriously, the experience and connections helped grow my confidence, my business and has given me a community of love and support that I will cherish. I’m looking forward to coming to the next one.”
— Laurie Collins, A woodland Gathering