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Do you ever go somewhere, or try something, or meet someone that fundamentally changes who you are as a person? My experience at Sisterhood Camp can best be summed up as ‘life-changing’. I feel like a new person - a refreshed, inspired, more together person - following the four day retreat. I feel more confident in myself, with my work, and with meeting fellow creatives. I feel full of ideas and energy and an urge to create.”


Sisterhood camp is undoubtedly one of my highlights of 2017. As an introvert I was apprehensive about going and knowing nobody. I shouldn’t have worried. It was like being with family. Sisterhood is a warm and supportive community of women brought together by a shared love of nature and creativity, I couldn’t have felt more at peace. I made true friends, found my tribe of people.
Those few days have changed my life, seriously, the experience and connections helped grow my confidence, my business and has given me a community of love and support that I will cherish. I’m looking forward to coming to the next one.”


Returning from a holiday often leaves me feeling strangely frazzled – so much work to catch up on, so many emails to answer, clothes to unpack and wash… But every now and then, I’m lucky enough to experience a break that’s truly refreshing and restorative.
One such getaway came a couple of weekends ago, when I was invited to Sisterhood Camp by the lovely people at Visit Wales. Part of a series of seasonal workshops and events set up by fellow blogger Lou Archell, the camp is a biannual retreat for women – a chance to switch off from work and other commitments, and embrace a slower, more gentle pace of life in a truly beautiful setting.”