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SISTERHOOD offers a unique opportunity to relax, nourish your creativity, become inspired and connect with yourself, others and with nature. 

Image by Xanthe Berkeley

Image by Xanthe Berkeley

We provide biannual retreats, small intimate workshops and suppers for women, with the main aim to embrace a slower, more gentler pace of life through creativity, connection, fireside chats and sisterly support.

Our retreats, workshops and suppers aim to bring a much needed antidote to the digital world, a chance to truly immerse yourself in SLOW living.  Switch off from your work, family life and busy lifestyle.  

In 2017 we are expanding our experiences from the biannual retreats to small intimate workshops and experiences across the UK and hopefully in to Europe.  Experiences which will see you crafting, visual storytelling, eating delicious seasonal authentic food and connecting with like-minded women.  These workshops and retreats are designed to set you on a path of self discovery and equip you with a notebook of ideas, contacts and inspiration.

Each gathering is unique, we have sourced the very best team of makers, visual storytellers, photographers, writers, cooks and creatives - all sharing their skills and passions.  Our retreats and workshops are not about social media, blogging, or lectures as such, so please don't expect a seminar or a flip chart! But, instead, you will find a creative and nurturing experience, which will touch on  elements of social creativity, be that Instagram, styling, photography and other social platforms.  

You can find more details in our FAQ, view galleries of previous retreats & events under Past Events, and preview our coming adventures under Future Events. 

At the summer 2016 Sisterhood I did a campfire and cocktail demo which was a great springboard for me professionally and personally it gave me the courage to go full time freelance and continued to give me strength at the Winter 2016 Sisterhood when I had a major wobble in confidence. Fellow Sisters gave me support to find my inner confidence and all round super power.

The upshot to this is that in the summer I’m going to be in three national magazines and currently writing recipes for a well known drinks writer for a book coming out later in the year.

This is why I will always love Sisterhood. It will help you find your inner something and once found will bloom and flourish.
— Elinor Hill (The Beach Hut Cook)


We're busy behind the scenes here at SISTERHOOD HQ, making exciting plans for 2018 and beyond.  It has been a long term dream to bring SISTERHOOD to you, and to visit locations across UK, Europe and the rest of the World.  We are looking forward to an exciting year, and we can't wait to make things happen.

Please sign up to our mailing list to be first to hear about ticket releases.  For further inspiration, have a look at our Past Events.

I went along to the Summer 2016 Sisterhood Camp feeling like I would totally be the fish out of water amongst all the bloggers and impressively creative people. How wrong I was - I found a group of stunningly talented, yet humble, people and became part of a nurturing and supportive community. I really don’t think that there is anything like Sisterhood out there and I would heartily encourage anyone who hasn’t yet made it to one of the gatherings and is dithering like I was - to just make it happen - it is so worth doing.
— Emma Warren (Dimpsey Glamping)
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Our Team

Lou Archell | Host

Founded and hosted by Lou Archell in 2015, Lou had a dream, to bring together a group of like minded women, to share stories, passions and their love of nature.  To camp for a weekend under the stars.

Lou is a writer, photographer and mum-of-two from Bristol, UK.  She writes the successful UK Travel & Lifestyle blog; Littlegreenshed, which features; travel & adventure both near and far, botanical inspiration and practical advice on simple living.  She founded Littlegreenshed in 2010 in order to find a creative outlet during those early years of motherhood, and since then her life has changed beyond measure.  Lou now takes great pleasure in bringing like-minded women together to share their stories and to provide them with a supportive environment in which they can fulfill their own creative journey.

 Lou's work has been featured in many publications including, The Telegraph and Time Out She was recently listed as one of the UK’s most influential Pinterest pinners by Business Insider UK.


Since the first SISTERHOOD retreat in May 2015, our community has grown and welcomes new 'sisters' to each event. Sisterhood now provides biannual retreats, small intimate workshops and suppers around the UK and beyond.

If you are interested in hearing more about the upcoming retreats and workshops please visit our upcoming events page or sign up to our newsletter

Core Team

SISTERHOOD wouldn't be what it is today without the brilliant collaborations we have made.  We have partnered with some incredible women, stylists, teachers, brands and locations.

Hannah Bullivant is Sisterhoods very own event stylist. Hannahs work elevates the simplest of venues to a sumptuous occasion and has the eye for the finest detail that makes every event magical.  With a keen mind on styling using natural, seasonal, authentic ingredients her vision is always in tune with the SISTERHOOD ethos. Hannah is a freelance writer, maker and stylist, based in Kent, UK where she lives with her husband and her young family.  Her work is regularly published in beautiful magazines, in particular; Ideal Home, Homes & Antiques and Simple Things magazine. She’s doing her dream job of styling beautiful homes, events and products and writing lifestyle features to boot, which you can discover on her lifestyle blog SeedsandStitches.

At Sisterhood there are always flowers, and to help us style our events we have the wildly talented Erin Trezise-Wallace. Erin combines her love of nature and flowers working as a florist. Colour and form come together as she creates ephemeral arrangements, inspired by the seasons. Originally from Canada, Erin now lives in Bristol, UK with her husband, and enjoys country walks, small dogs, and the sea. Find her beautiful work via her website.


Workshop Leaders | Collaborators

In the past we've worked with Xanthe BerkeleyClaire ThomsonLaura Pashby, Sas PetherickCatherine Frawley, Louisa Thomsen-Britts, Elinor HillQuill London, Gemma David, Emma Rice, Lillie O'Brien of The London Borough of Jam, and many more.


With special thanks to our locations at The Forge in Bristol, Fforest Camp in Wales and Loveland Farm in Devon.


Our partners have included: TOAST, Do Lectures, Magic Organic Apothecary, Penhaligons Perfume, Linen Me and Lights 4 fun, plus many more artisans and makers who have contributed to the events.

a feeling of kinship with and a closeness to a group of women or all women.  An association or community linked by a common interest
— Oxford English Dictionary


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